Diagnostic Scan in Perth

It is important to have your vehicle inspected by profesionals

At Nano Automotive we take pride of our advanced car diagnostics capabilities. We use only the latest cutting-edge tools capable of diagnosing all makes and models within our specialized service range. This includes not only European and German models, but also majority or other cars on the market. Our diagnostics technicians are well trained and competent to the highest industry standards to provide exceptional diagnosis and reports in regards to car issues and faults, that follow both producers and the industry standards. This allows us to correctly determine and address even the most difficult car issues as well as identify potential issues proactively.

Why choose Nano for diagnosing your vehicle?

Whether diagnosing engine light on your dashboard, checking not working module or simply performing a regular scan, our comprehensive inspection process ensures a thorough understanding of the vehicle condition or potential issue. Transparency is integral part of our inspections process. We always keep our customers well-informed, providing a detailed report that outlines any potential issues discovered in the diagnosing process and necessary recommendations. This allows our customers to you to make informed decisions about the maintenance and potential future repairs of the car. We are capable of providing not only a car diagnostic service, but also extensive inspection services as well as coding and ECU remapping.

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Benefits of diagnosing your car with us


Services We Provide

Diagnostic Scan
Latest diagnostic equipment for advanced diagnostics capabilities
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Vehicle Inspection
Vehicle inspection tailored for European and German vehicles.
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Fleet Servicing
Priority fleet servicing, flexible scheduling and cost-effective solutions.
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Logbook Service
Log Book Servicing according to the manufacturers specifications
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AdBlue Servicing
Diagnosing and servicing a wide range of AdBlue related problems
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EGR Servicing
Diagnosing and repairing a wide range of EGR related problems
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DPF Servicing
Diagnosing and repairing a wide range of DPF related problems
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Timing Chain
Preventive maintenance, servicing and repairs of timing chain
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Auto Electrics
Accurate diagnosis and repair of any electric systems related issue
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professional exhaust repair and wide range of exhaust upgrades
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Cooling Systems
Professional cooling systems servicing, repairs and upgrades
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Professional automatic transmission service and repairs
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Steering Systems
Professional steering systems servicing and repairs
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Wide range of suspension services for all make and model.
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Engine Repair
Accurate diagnosing and repairing a wide range of engine issues
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Brakes Service
Complete range of brake services dedicated for car make and model.
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Air Conditioning
Quick and affordable Aircon servicing and repairs
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Providing genuine and reliable batteries for all vehicles
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The fastest and most effective way of improving power of the engine
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Clients Testimonials

Pawel Borsiak
I just got my AUDI car after some modifications with ECU chip tuning. This process improved maximum power and I experienced a totally different car. Thank you Nano Automotive for your awesome services. Highly recommended to speed lovers.
Jakub Zielinski
Nano Automotive is the best German Cars Service I have ever come across. They diagnosed and fixed my engine issue perfectly, while no one else could do it. Their service was fantastic, reliable and cost-effective.
Aleksandra Raczek
Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and efficient service. That’s how I’d describe the work carried out by Nano Automotive. You guys have rare and valuable skill-set to diagnose and fast fix any car.